Dear parent/carer,

We will be posting work each week here over the coming months. This will be a mixture of new content and revision/consolidation of previous topics.

Classes have been created on Microsoft Teams to allow pupils to communicate with their teachers. Pupils have already been added and they can access Microsoft Teams through GLOW. Their GLOW username and password is the same as the username and password they use to log onto the school computers. Teachers may post extension or additional consolidation material to each class on Microsoft Teams.

Once pupils have covered their work for the week they should let their teacher know or take a picture of their work and upload it to Microsoft Teams for their teacher to see. Please understand that we are not experts in online learning at this time and they may be some glitches as we develop this. Please get in touch if something does not appear to be working.

We will be using the videos from, each video has an associated textbook exercise next to it on the website.

If you are not sure about using these resources:

here is a short video showing what to do






S1 level 2 class

(Following the Level 2a/2b textbooks)

classes taught by
Mrs Inglis/Mr Wood (shared),
Dr Emeleus/Mrs Soares (shared),
Mr Mathieson,
Mr Ross/Mr Irvine(shared)

S2 Level 3 classes

(Following the Level 2b/3a textbooks)

classes taught by
Dr Emeleus/Mr Young (shared),
Mr Ross,
Mr Munn/Dr Emeleus (shared)



Classes taught by
Mrs Steedman,
Mr Young,
Mr Trewartha,
Mr Matheson and Mrs Ingis(currently Mr Wood).

S1 Level 3 classes

(Following the Level 3b textbook)

classes taught by
Mr Young/Dr Emeleus (shared),
Mrs Inglis,
Mrs Soares/Mrs Travers (shared),
Mr Trewartha,
Mr Ross,
Mr Mathieson/Mr Simpson (shared) Mrs Travers/Mrs Soares (shared)


S2 Level 4 classes

(Following the Level 4+ textbook)

classes taught by
Mr Young,
Mr Trewartha,
Mr Mathieson,
Mrs Travers/Trewartha (shared),
Mrs Inglis and Mr Inglis (shared),
Mr Ross

S4 Apps / Maths

Classes taught by
Mrs Travers