A lady of a great estate,
With whom I fell in love of late,
Demands that I a grove may plant
In land as large as I may want.
But in this grove there must be
Nineteen trees, so clear you see.
And nine straight rows I must make
With five trees in each for her dear sake.
I feel I need trees forty-five
To do this task I can`t contrive,
So, readers bold, pray lend your aid
That I can marry this pretty maid.

If a cow and a goat could eat all the grass in a field in forty-five days, and a cow and a goose could eat all the grass in the same field in sixty days, and the goat and the goose could eat the grass in ninety days, how long would it take the goat , cow, and goose to eat the grass when turned into all together?

Seven statues, A to G, are standing in a row. If you start at A and count to 1000 thus:

A B C D E F G F E D ..., you will finish at the only gold one. Which statue will that be

Grandma Goose, whose age was somewhere between fifty and seventy, was saying,"Each of my daughters has as many daughters as sisters, and the combined number of my daughters and grand-daughters is precisely the same as my age.
How old was Granma Goose And how many grand-daughters had she ?

If five spiders can catch five flies in five minutes, how many spiders are required to catch a hundred flies in a hundred minutes?

Can you enclose an area of 12 square centimetres by means of twelve matches each two centimetres long?